Teaching MLOps for the First Time – Part 2

I finished teaching my first MLOps course a few months ago. Now that I’ve had time to reflect, I wanted to look back at my first post and talk about what I changed, what went well, and what I would do differently next time. Tools Versus Concepts My plan to focus both on tools and […]

Teaching MLOps for the First Time – Part 1

I’m currently finishing up week 2 of my first time teaching a course on MLOps, and I’m already learning so much about what I can and should be doing better the next time I teach it. It’s amazing how the reality of teaching a topic in a certain way completely misses the expectation you might […]

Starting a Data Science Podcast

My power is out today. Having no wifi makes it difficult to prep for teaching my next class, so with all of this free time I decided to write my eagerly-anticipated third blog post. Last year, when I went back into academia, I started a podcast which I called Data Science Beginnings. Doing a podcast […]

From Industry to Academia

**special note: all of the images on this post have been created by Dall E. My own hand-drawings would likely be just as strange.** Yes, the title of this post is correct. It is not backwards. There are those out there who might be wondering about moving from industry to academia. Yes I know, usually […]

Managing a Data Science Team

There are countless opinion articles out there on how to be a good manager or what makes an inspirational leader. This is not one of those. I was a manager for no more than 3.5 years, not nearly enough time to know how to do it right – if there is such a way to […]